Toyota Land Cruiser / PRADO 120 info

Toyota Land Cruiser / PRADO 120 info

Toyota Lamd Cruiser / PRADO 120 information and setup

2003 to 2009

Bildilla Magasin

At the request of one of the followers, I sat down and tried to go over the Toyota Land Cruiser 120 series, as it was delivered in Norway. 120 series, came as a successor to the 90 series (sold under other names in other countries!). The 120 series came in the fall of 2002, as a 2003 model year! Here in Norway, it was sold as a 3.0 liter D4D diesel. You could get it with 4.0 liters of VVT. In petrol, but that model became too expensive in Norway due to high import taxes! You can also see that it got a Lexus version, GX470 had a 4.7 liter petrol V8! This model was not sold in Europe !?

The 3-door model never came to Norway!

I try to compare the 3 versions we got in Norway. Land Cruiser Land Cruiser VX Land Cruiser GX The video became long, and a transition over the original brochure comes in part 2!

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There will be many more videos about these cars as well, since they are fixed up slowly but surely!

Toyota Lamd Cruiser / PRADO 120 informasjon and oppsett

2003 til 2009

Bildilla Magasin

På oppfordring fra en av følgerne, så satte jeg med ned å prøvde å gå over Toyota Land Cruiser 120 serien, slik den ble levert i Norge. 120 serien, kom som etterfølger til 90 serien ( solgt under andre navn i andre land! ). 120 serien kom høsten 2002, som 2003 modell årgang! Her i Norge, ble den solgt som 3.0 liters D4D diesel. Man kunne få den med 4.0 liter VVT.i bensin, men den modellen ble for dyr i Norge .å grunn av høye importavgifter! Man ser også at den fikk en Lexus versjon, GX470 hadde en 4,7 liters bensin V8! Denne modellen ble vel ikke solgt i Europa!?

3 dørs modellen kom aldrig til Norge!

Jeg prøver å sammenligne de 3 versjonene vi fikk i Norge. Land Cruiser Land Cruiser VX Land Cruiser GX Videoen ble lang, og en overgang over original broskyren kommer i en del 2!

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Det kommer mange flere videoer om disse bilene videre også, siden de fikses opp sakte men sikkert!

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