Stikkord: 1973

1973 Toyota TE27 Corolla

Since 1988, Mike Muniz has owned this Toyota TE27 Corolla. In that time, its been street car, a drag car, a road race car, and currently it’s an homage to the TE27 rally cars that began with the chassis’ debut race at the 1973 RAC Rally. Read more about this Corolla, now on its seventh engine, and go behinds the scenes during the making of this film at Drive Tastefully® Discover more at



The Land Rover Series III Is Equipped For Adventure

This story comes in partnership with Belstaff as we hit the dunes in a Land Rover Series III.

As a car photographer who shoots for many of the big auction houses, Mr. Pawel Litwinski is no stranger to the world of vintage Bugattis, Ferraris, and Porsches–cars defined by their elegant lines and frightening top speeds. On any given day, Pav can be found shooting anything from a 1932 Daimler Double-Six in one corner of the United States to a Jaguar D-Type on the opposite side of the continent. If he’s at home in California, however, odds are you’ll find Pav in the seat of a ride defined by its simplicity: his 1973 Land Rover Series III.

Growing up in Coney Island, New York, Pav saw plenty of sports cars on the city streets but what he really wanted was a vehicle that would go over everything. Oh, and he had one other demand: it had to have a tire on the hood. After a couple decades of waiting and dreaming, Pav now has his Land Rover and the two are inseparable, so much so that even when he found himself in financial straits a few years ago–during which time he even had to sell his primary camera and his Subaru STi–Pav refused to part with his beloved Land Rover.

Nowadays, if Pav isn’t throwing a ladder into the back of the Land Rover and grabbing his gear while rushing to a photo shoot, he’s bouncing over the dunes at Pismo Beach on the Central California coast. But wherever he goes, be assured that on his face is the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.

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This 1973 Eldorado Is A Rocking Cadillac

“Cars, for me, were not a part of my life before, living in Scotland—I didn’t even own a car,” says Owen Miller. “I came down to South America looking, basically, for work as a geologist. When I moved here, I bought a ’65 Mustang, and it sort of, all sort of went from there…”

Working as a geologist in South America for the last 22 years now, Miller quickly gained an appreciation for what sort of classic cars he really enjoys—big American ‘boats’. After owning a number of different cars, a friend said to him, “You need a Cadillac,” to which he replied, “Well, yeah, of course…who doesn’t?”

“When I park that car, I turn around and have a good long stare at it,” says Miller, who’s definitely not tired of his 1973 Cadillac Eldorado. “It brightens other people’s days, that’s the main thing about it.”

But first, finding a Cadillac in Peru? Good luck—“There’s no Cadillacs here, I imported it.” As huge ’70s luxury liners are very much a rarity in Peru, the car still stops traffic, onlookers stare, and people are in appreciation for the old American convertible.

With a pledge to keep it for as long as possible, it’s clear the car has made a lasting impression and Miller will be motoring with it for years to come. If you see a white Eldorado convertible in Peru, be sure to wave as the pair glides by.

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1973 Datsun 240Z – Jay Leno’s Garage

Whether we like the Fast and Furious franchise movies or not, we car enthusiasts have to admit that they have some pretty cool cars in the movies. While the 1973 Datsun 240Z owned by Fast and Furious star Sung Kang is not featured in any of the movies, his particular vehicle is a star to many enthusiasts and Jay Leno gets to check it out and show it off to us in his latest Garage video episode.

The resto-mod 1973 Datsun 240Z was built with the input from Social Media, a project that helped mold a full restoration into an amazing wide-bodied, track-friendly, and naturally-aspirated RB26-powered Japanese superstar classic for the road. Enjoy the episode below.