Test av KGM Torres EVX Norsk & Engelsk versjoner!

Test av KGM Torres EVX Norsk & Engelsk versjoner!

Test of the KGM Torres EVX

A short test and my personal opinions

Bildilla Magasin – Car news – EV

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I am looking for a new family car. Electric cars are still the most affordable option here in Norway. But slowly but surely the benefits disappear, so you have to think a little more short-term than before. After 183,000 km in a VW e-Golf, you have things you appreciate, and things you don’t want again!

Very important for my / our needs, is interior space! A car is more than something that takes me from A to B, so it has to give me a good feeling. Yes, I know I can’t expect everything in the world, but you have to be able to demand something, from a designer…

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