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Building The Ultimate Ferrari Dino

Straight away you realize something’s a bit different about this Dino. The wheels are beefier, the arches are angrier, the sound it makes doesn’t sync with your memory of these cars (probably because there are two extra intake trumpets underneath the transparent engine cover), and while the badging looks factory-correct, you don’t think there was ever an Evo version of the mid-engined sports car named after Enzo’s tragic son. The car is a one-off, and it’s part of the venerable collection of classic and modern Ferraris owned by collector David Lee. By borrowing a block from the F40, losing the turbos, boring it from 2.9 to 3.6L, and fixing twin banks of velocity stacks, David’s “Monza 3.6 Evo” is a naturally-aspirated screamer that combines modern performance with the Dino’s ageless style in a package that doesn’t compromise on either end.

Find the photoshoot and further info here: https://petro.li/DinoEvoGallery

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Flott video fra Japan: S30Z & HAKOSUKA

Stilig video fra Japan. 240Z og Skyline GTR  🙂

S30Z & HAKOSUKA. «L6 WIND MUSIC» filming location Tochigi-ken Ashikaga-shi Japan. Produced by Unripe™️ Filmed & Edited by @ryota_iwaida Filmed by @tsubasa_tsukui HP : https://www.unripe.tokyo/ Instagram : http://Instagram.com/unripe_tokyo Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/unripetokyo/ Twitter : http://twitter.com/unripe_tokyo

Chip Foose ’65 Impala «Impostor»

See the completed build at Detroit where it took the Ridler Award: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IWQC… Or See the completed build photos: https://www.chipfoose.com/impostor/ Chip Foose of Foose Design presents the concept, design, craftsmanship and assembly of his Ridler Award winning 1965 Chevy Impala, the «Impostor». Watch as he sketches the vehicle and talks about the many modifications made.

This video was first featured in the «Impostor» display booth at the 2015 Detroit Autorama.

1966 Ford GT40 Continuation

Continuation GT40s are not pieces of kit car replica shenanigans put together with a case of cheap beer next to your buddies in the garage. Cars like this week’s subject are built as faithful, well, continuations of the originals—schematically accurate in more than just appearance. When it comes to such cars, Superformance is the standard in the industry, but while he admits to the quality of their work, Ted Baird, the owner of this car, went a step further and using a collection of original parts he’d amassed over time, he made sure his GT40 would be a true 1966-spec machine, complete with pieces from some of the race-winning cars themselves. As he says, the car is still as gorgeous as ever, and Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax makes quick work of adding a layer of shine and protection to this brute of a machine. See the photoshoot and further info here: https://petro.li/GT40Gallery

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1967 Toyota 2000GT: A Generational Gift

In this week’s film we head off to the French commune of Annemasse just outside of Switzerland, where we met multiple generations of the Degenève family as they recounted the story of this Toyota 2000GT.

The clan operates the oldest Toyota dealer in the country, and at one point Jean-Pierre Degenève owned two of these cars. He was forced to sell them both, but decades later his sons tracked down this white example outside of Tokyo with the help of Toyota. After buying and then hiding the car from their father’s eyes for months, he was finally presented with it on his 70th birthday. That’s gifting tastefully. See the photoshoot and further info here: http://petro.li/Toyota_2000GT Drive Tastefully® http://Petrolicious.com


Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60


Et av prosjektene jeg altid har ønsket meg er 60 serie Land Cruiser.

Når mann er på min alder, så husker mann da disse var nye, og kostbare. De var kanskje ikke så fancy som en Rang Rover, og ikke så kantet som en G-Wagon.

Men de oser av gammel sjarm, og de bygde videre på en meget god gammel tradisjon  🙂

Jeg gleder meg til å jobbe videre med denne! Planen er å fikse den klar for EU kontroll, og få den ut på veien i ok stand i 2018. Så vil jeg vurdere oppgraderinger og farge valg… Den bør bli trekk bilen for å redde andre

En rask mobil video da bilen kom opp til Trøndelag 🙂

En liten drone video har det jo heldigviss blitt. Jeg er meget svak for den robuste elegansen som 60 serien oser av!

1977 Mazda Cosmo 121, del II

1977 Mazda Cosmo 121 restureriungs prosjekt, del II. Del I ligger her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BffIZ… Info fra den nye eieren 🙂 Bilen har fått ny «gammel» motor. Nye dører. Fjerna bulker. Sveise deler. Fått i dæm nye sveise emnan t d æ må sveis 😉 Han kjøpte inn en hel bil, slik at han skulle kunne gjøre ferdig prosjektet. Han har nå dobbelt opp av flere deler, slik at han kan selge noen deler! Ta kontakt om du trenger noen ting til ditt prosjekt! Hans facbook konto: https://www.facebook.com/Crushduck

1977 Mazda Cosmo 121 Resturant Project, Part II. Part I is located here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BffIZ… Info from the new owner 🙂 The car has gotten a new «old» engine. New doors. Remote bumps. Welding parts. Got a new weld in the case, you must weld 😉 He bought a whole car so he could finish the project. He now has double up of several parts, so he can sell some parts! Contact us if you need some things for your project! His facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Crushduck

Video del I, fra da vi reddet bilen ut fra sin Tornerose søvn i Trondheim….

1973 Toyota TE27 Corolla

Since 1988, Mike Muniz has owned this Toyota TE27 Corolla. In that time, its been street car, a drag car, a road race car, and currently it’s an homage to the TE27 rally cars that began with the chassis’ debut race at the 1973 RAC Rally. Read more about this Corolla, now on its seventh engine, and go behinds the scenes during the making of this film at http://petro.li/TE27Corolla Drive Tastefully® Discover more at http://Petrolicious.com