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1972 BMW 3.0 CS Coupe Is A Stylish Member Of The Family

Tom McComas Senior is a simple man with only a few indulgences: family, friends, and BMWs. Several months ago we profiled him and his son around a very special R60 motorcycle that has been passed down from when he bought it new to his son Tom Jr., Hollywood Stuntman, who rides it around the streets of Los Angeles to this day.

That BMW R60 would be the machine that would start a life long love affair with the marque, leading to an exceptional circumstance around his son’s birth, and a CS available to buy in Joliet Illinois. “I ran into the dealership and said to the man, “Don’t sell that coupe! My wife is in labor and I’ll be back in the morning to buy it.” As he was running out the sympathetic manager of the dealership said to his salesman, “If you don’t sell it to that man, you’re fired.”

He returned shortly, bought the car, gave everyone in the dealership cigars, drove back to the hospital and picked his wife and newborn up «starting them off in style».

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This BMW 2000 CA Was A Game Changer

“You picture, back in ’69, the guy that got in here, i mean, he had the coat and tie, thin cigarette in his mouth and driving this luxurious thing—to him, it was a Bentley of the time,” says Emin Kureghian. “Today, I get in, slam the door shut, turn it on, step on the gas; it’s not going anywhere and I have a laugh.”

“They were pretty generic cars, there wasn’t much to it,” he says. He’s right: the car here sports a carbureted 4-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, skinny 14-inch wheels and tall tires, all a far cry from what BMW offers its customers today. Acquired at a charity auction after being in long-term storage, the car is unrestored but has been cleaned up and turned into a fine driver.

Designed in-house by BMW, its spec sheet isn’t what matters: “It’s kind of a hybrid between the 02 and the newer coupes. It’s got lines from both—if you take a good look, you can see both sides of the story.”

“The fact that it pulled [BMW] out of a sales slump is really something, like a whole new generation…almost like the E30 of its generation.”

If Emin restores the car, it’ll be taken back to its original color, but for the time being, he’s just driving it tastefully, safe in the knowledge he’s been able to keep a part of history alive.

“I’m part of the cause, so to speak—to me, it’s home.”

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BMW 507 Has Been Reborn In The Memory Of Elvis Presley

“Around 2006, I drove down to the Half Moon Bay. The car was standing for years in a barn on a pumpkin farm,” begins Klaus Kutscher, Restoration Expert at BMW Classic. “It was really rough. A lot of parts were missing…” he says. Even finding a BMW 507 is an achievement, but true ‘barn find’ cars often require a Herculean amount of work to get right. This particular car had a saving grace, however: “We searched the VIN number and realized that the car belonged to Elvis.”

That’s right: when Elvis Presley was based in Germany for the U.S. military, he drove this very car as his daily driver, even buying a second to give to friend Ursula Andress. As you could imagine, Elvis driving around Germany in a white BMW 507—of which there were roughly 250 examples made—wasn’t difficult to spot. “He loved the 507,” Kutscher says.

“The car was normally white, and all his fans made kisses with lipsticks on the car, so he was mad and he painted the car red after that,” with Kutscher confirming the legend. It’s stories like those that helped to keep the restoration moving, even as the true measure of the task began to present itself.

“The dashboard was cut and they had other instruments also in the car. They cut the frame. The car was painted twice, then black, and then after that again in red. Then the car [had] …a big accident.”

Responsible for restoration at BMW Classic, the car presented both an opportunity to preserve history, as well as showcase the talents of his team in front of some serious crowds. After recently making its full public debut during Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance as the centerpiece of BMW’s 100-Year anniversary celebrations, the car will undoubtedly be active and present at classic car events for years to come.

“We always want to keep the car in this condition. That means in perfect condition. Now you can see the result looks, for me, beautiful, more than beautiful.”

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Petrolicious carves up the road with a pumpkin-colored BMW 2002

Sometimes the best way to learn a skill the right way is to completely screw things up the first time. Carter Kelly Kramer figured out that lesson during years of restoration work on his 1976 BMW 2002. What he lacked in talent, Kramer made up with dogged perseverance until he had the pumpkin-colored BMW in this week’s video from Petrolicious.

The problems started the moment Kramer bought the 2002 on eBay. It turned out to have rotten floors, no brakes, and plenty of other issues. However, Kramer was 16 and thought he could fix everything that was wrong. It was long repair process with a multitude of problems. Kramer even briefly sold the car.

Kramer’s tenacity eventually resulted in the orange 2002 that he has today. After all the work, the classic BMW is now far from stock, but the mods express Kramer’s dream for the car. This engrossing story of determination also introduces a new opening for Petrolicious’ videos. It also has a redesigned website.